NParks masterplan sets direction of nature conservation

We thank Mr Ong Junkai for his letter expressing his concern for the conservation of our natural heritage (Take long-term view to protect Singapore's biodiversity; Jan 28).

The National Parks Board (NParks) developed the Nature Conservation Masterplan in 2015 as a commitment to strengthen long-term conservation efforts for our natural heritage.

These efforts are underpinned by sound science and extensive research supported by the use of innovative technology.

This enables us to formulate science-based policies in the areas of habitat enhancement, restoration and species recovery.

The species recovery programme targets endemic, rare or threatened native flora and fauna, accompanied by habitat enhancement and protection efforts, to sustain populations of native species and help them survive adverse environmental changes.

In 2016 and 2017, we identified more than 90 threatened animal and plant species for recovery efforts.

For instance, NParks has been working to recover endemic species like the Singapore Freshwater Crab (johora singaporensis) and the Singapore Ginger (zingiber singapurense).

To strengthen ecological resilience, we have established nature parks as buffers for nature reserves.

Over the past five years, NParks has also planted more native trees and shrubs along roadsides and in parks to recreate the forest environment which serve as ecological linkways for biodiversity.

These Nature Ways attract butterflies and birds, facilitating their movement between green spaces and bringing nature closer to residents.

We are heartened that the community is playing an active role in conservation through diverse roles, ranging from helping in biodiversity surveys to promoting responsible action, like not feeding wildlife.

These go a long way towards conserving our native biodiversity for future generations.

We welcome Mr Ong to join us and the community in our conservation efforts.

Lim Liang Jim

Group Director, National Biodiversity Centre

National Parks Board

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