Nowhere to safely site a nuclear plant in Singapore

I agree that the use of nuclear power can help Singapore to reduce carbon emissions and that Singapore does not face any serious natural disasters ("Consider feasibility of nuclear power to reduce carbon emissions" by Miss Lee Kay Yan; Tuesday).

However, the serious nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl show that unforeseen and disastrous accidents can happen without being triggered by any natural disaster.

While newer nuclear plants are safer and have overcome known weaknesses,older nuclear power plants were also considered safe at their time of construction.

There is no guarantee that nuclear accidents will not happen at newer nuclear plants, as there are unknown unknowns.

My concern is that Singapore is physically too small for a nuclear power station to be sited safely anywhere within its borders, whether on land or a sea-based platform ("Nuclear energy comes with many risks" by Mr Francis Cheng; yesterday).

Any radiation leak can easily be carried to all parts of Singapore by wind, as was the case with the haze that plagued us in recent years.

Tan Peng Boon

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