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​Nothing wrong with being result-oriented

Being result-oriented is one of the key features of Singapore society, particularly the education system.

It is often viewed in a rather negative light, but I believe it has its benefits.

Being result-oriented has made society more pragmatic. Only with a goal in mind will people find the motivation to put in effort to achieve success and constantly review and better themselves.

The line between being result-oriented and overly result-oriented is very fine. It becomes an issue when we stray towards the latter.

We are unsatisfied with our own performances and create competition with our peers.

Comparing oneself with others or having unrealistic goals and expectations will only bring about undesirable side effects, such as high stress levels.

Everyone has their own capabilities and limits. People have to find their own equilibrium.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with being a result-oriented society. The pivoting factor is whether the individual chooses to focus more on competing with others. Any outcomes would then be self-induced.

Choon Pui Leng, 16

Secondary 4 student

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