Not informing customers of some moves to go paperless an oversight

We thank Mr Vincent Ho Ching Mun for his feedback (Customers not told insurance premium notices were paperless too; Dec 25, 2018).

We agree with Mr Ho that any change from our usual notification methods should be communicated to a customer in advance.

From early 2018, we began issuing electronic policy statements in a move to step up efficiency andallow our customers to enjoy prompt access to their policy statements via e-mail and on our client portal.

When we started this digitisation journey, we did inform Mr Ho via traditional mail that future statements would be electronic and gave him the option of opting out.

As customers were adapting well to our initial batch of electronic statements, we began to convert our premium notices to electronic versions too.

We overlooked informing Mr Ho that premium notices would also be converted to electronic versions.

We sincerely apologise for this.

We assure him that the continuation of his insurance protection is important to Manulife, which is why we followed up with an SMS as a reminder when we noticed that his premium contribution was overdue.

His adviser is also ready to assist him whenever the need arises.

We have corresponded with Mr Ho on this issue and will be more proactive in updating our customers of any similar changes.

Simon See

Vice-president and Head of Client Services

Manulife (Singapore)

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