Not Govt's job to make everyone happy

Many people believe that it is the Government's role to make us happy. This is a misconception.

If a government does everything the people want, then the government becomes a puppet.

Happiness should not be the benchmark on which we measure our politics.

Our Government's ethos has always been to do what is right, and not what is popular.

If it constantly strives to keep people pleased, our politics would stagnate and we would always be trying to resolve the same issues rather than move forward.

Although the Government is partly responsible for our fast-paced and stressful lives, we also contribute to our unhappiness through habits such as poor time management.

We should start with ourselves, and reinvent our social lives and draw joy from others and through healthy activities, such as co-curricular activities in school and exercise regimes at work.

Different people have different perceptions of happiness and things that satisfy them. It is, therefore, impossible for the Government to make everyone happy.

If we can overcome this misconception, our quality of politics can mature, and we can stop bearing grudges against the Government for the wrong reasons.

Plus, we would learn to vote wisely in future elections.

Instead of choosing parties that seek popularity, we would choose the ones that uphold justice and do whatever is necessary to benefit Singapore and its citizens most.

Lee Song Yang, 17, first-year junior college student

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