Not enough to just buy metal straws

It is heartening to see more Singaporeans looking into plastic straw alternatives (Bamboo, glass, metal - some alternatives that stir up interest; Nov 18).

However, we must remember that simply buying a metal straw does not mean that we are contributing positively to the environment.

Manufacturing alternatives to plastic still leaves an environmental footprint - in fact, sometimes even more so than plastics.

Thus, we must be mindful not to contribute towards unsustainable consumerism, and instead buy only what we need and use those items regularly.

Plastic straws are also a great place to start, but a terrible place to stop. Single-use plastics are also found in other everyday items such as mineral water bottles, cups, disposable cutlery and styrofoam boxes. A stronger push is needed to inculcate the "bring your own" mentality in our society on a long-term basis.

Kate Yeo, 17

Junior College Year 1 student

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