Not enough space for cyclists, pedestrians on footpaths

I am afraid that the code of conduct will only embolden many cyclists to use footpaths that are too narrow to accommodate them ("Code of conduct puts pedestrians' safety first"; last Friday).

For instance, the footpath behind Dover Parkview condominium in Buona Vista is barely wide enough for two pedestrians walking abreast. However, it is an extremely well-used footpath, given its proximity to various schools in the area.

More often than not, cyclists using this footpath fully expect pedestrians to step aside to allow them to zip past because there is not even enough space for a bicycle to stop.

Young children going to and from school may not step out of the way in time to let these cyclists through.

What is the penalty if a pedestrian gets run down by a cyclist?

The injuries can be serious, but we cannot trace a hit-and-run cyclist, unlike drivers whose cars carry licence plates.

Lee Tian Soo

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