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No suspicion, no scorn

If it's plain that Mr Leslie Fong's piece ("A morality tale about religion and fraud"; Dec 6) referred to City Harvest Church, there was nothing in the piece which can be construed as having "unwittingly promoted" suspicion towards the Christian community ("Discerning the wrong, the doer, the community" by Mr Steve Chiu Shih Tung; last Sunday). Neither did it invite scorn for people who are called, or intend, to be pastors.

Mr Fong merely described what actually happened. He highlighted a religion's susceptibility to abuse when there are unscrupulous and gullible people.

To say that he castigated an entire religion because of the abuses of some people is untenable in the circumstances.

Mr Chiu implied that the satire humiliated the wrongdoer and that in Christian teachings, the wrongdoer would not have been condemned. But both humiliation and condemnation are inherent in punishment meted out by society.

Lee Chee Sun

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