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No shame in O-level track

I agree that there is a stereotype that the O-level track is inferior to the Integrated Programme (IP) track ("The O-level track of shame"; Feb 4).

Schools have great power to influence. They should be more open about their students' progress and the tracks they offer.

If schools choose to keep their O-level tracks in the dark, they directly fuel the stereotype that it is a shameful path to take.

It is important for the public to understand that the superiority of the IP is overhyped.

Coming from a dual-track secondary school, I have found that it is common for students in the O-level track to get results that surpass those of IP students.

Students can thrive only in a learning track that is most suitable for them. Being in the O-level track instead of the IP does not mean they are getting a bad deal.

I hope schools will start highlighting both tracks in their Open House and emphasise each track's benefits.

This will, no doubt, benefit the students and return glory to the O-level track.

Rachel Loh Si Ning, 15,

Year 3 Integrated Programme student


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