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No regrets being in Normal Academic

No regrets being in Normal Academic

Upon completing the Primary School Leaving Examination last year, I qualified for the Normal Academic stream and proceeded to Secondary 1 with much anticipation and excitement.

Despite the bias attached to the Normal stream, I could not be happier with my academic achievement. I have time to absorb the lessons taught in school at my own pace.

Dealing with eight subjects in Sec 1 is a challenge. This big jump in the number of subjects, compared with the number in primary school, is a test of the coping mechanism of a child.

I discovered, through my learning expedition in Sec 1, that I am a slow learner.

Nevertheless, I persevered. My teachers' encouragement motivated and inspired me to excel in my studies. I became eager to go beyond my homework, and developed an appetite for more knowledge.

I worked around my timetable, achieved my goals each day, and had time for my co-curricular activity and my favourite pastime, cycling.

I do not regret being in the Normal Academic stream. Given a choice, I would not want to transfer to the Express stream. However, I will strive to ensure that I can qualify for it, just to prove that where there is a will, there is a way.

Sri Nishanth Prakash, 13

Secondary 1 student

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