No Red Lions, fighter jets, but all heart

As a person with an invisible disability, watching the National Day Parade (NDP) on television on Tuesday brought happy tears to my eyes.

There were close to 1,500 participants in the parade this year, and 150 of them were people with disabilities.

Having people from all walks of life performing and singing alongside people with disabilities, and assisting them, has brought a uniqueness to this year's parade.

The organisers have done a fabulous job by having the whole stadium do a "song signing" segment at the finale, and this was something not seen in the history of the NDP.

I am confident, after watching this year's NDP, that Singapore will eventually transform into an even more caring and gracious society for people with visible or invisible disabilities. We may not have had the Red Lions, or fancy tanks or fighter jets on display this year, but we have shown that even without these, the parade can still be a beautiful one.

I applaud the participants and organising committee of this year's NDP on a job well done. They have all touched my heart.

Tan Wei Zhi

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