No need for second staircase on buses

It has been reported that the Land Transport Authority is looking into designing buses with a third door and two staircases for improved commuter flow and to encourage commuters to move to the rear of the bus ("Commuters welcome moves to improve accessibility"; Sept 27).

From my observations, the upper deck of a bus would already be filled up when the bus is crowded and there are no available seats on the lower deck.

Hence, a second staircase is not necessary and would only add to the complexity and cost, as well as take up precious space.

The pertinent issue is that the rear of the lower deck is shunned by passengers as it would be more difficult to get to the exit.

Having a third door, to serve as a second exit, without its accompanying staircase, would encourage more passengers to move to the rear of the bus, instead of crowding the front and preventing other passengers from boarding.

With passengers on the lower deck having the option of alighting from the back door, those on the upper deck would benefit from a less-congested middle door.

Alvin Ang Yao Wen

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