No need for replacement Ah Meng

Ah Meng endeared itself to many.

It was a Singapore icon and should be remembered and immortalised as itself.

The Sumatran orang utan's granddaughter Ishta has been chosen to take on the zoo icon's mantle and name ("Meet the new Ah Meng"; last Saturday).

This is not a good idea.

Ishta is a beautiful name to begin with.

The primate is its own being and should be allowed to evolve and carve its own niche.

It should be allowed to warm the hearts of its admirers in its own right, upholding the proud legacy of its grandmother.

Ishta should not be turned into a replacement Ah Meng.

Ah Meng is irreplaceable.

Ishta is a descendant of Ah Meng, a prideful lineage.

That already tugs at our heartstrings.

Choo Yuen Mei (Ms)

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