No instructions given as train reverses direction

On Aug 17, at around 9.45pm, I was on my way home on the North-East Line when the train stopped for a long while at Woodleigh station.

Then, without warning, it began to move in the opposite direction.

Alert passengers got off at the next station, Potong Pasir, as did I.

There were no announcements made or instructions given over the public address system.

Passengers were left to make their own decisions.

Before I alighted, I told the other passengers that the train was going the wrong way.

How could the train operator reverse the direction of a train without informing the passengers on board?

Is this an approved contingency procedure?

I wrote to train operator SBS Transit the next day on this issue, but have yet to receive a response.

I hope the train operator will provide more information on this incident.

Joseph Wong Yong Lye

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