No inconsistency in Mindef's information on NSF's death

We refer to Ms Rachel Tan's letter (Inconsistent info on NSF's death troubling; Aug 17).

The Ministry of Defence's (Mindef) public statements and the Committee of Inquiry (COI) both concurred that Corporal First Class (CFC) Dave Lee was, as stated in the Aug 6 ministerial statement, "immediately attended to by the commanders and the cover medics" when he became disorientated after the fast march.

However, the COI's preliminary assessment was that inadequate on-site casualty management and a delay in evacuation were the likely reasons for CFC Lee succumbing to heatstroke.

There is therefore no inconsistency in Mindef's statements.

Information determined by the COI has been given in the ministerial statement.

The names of commanders and personnel involved have been omitted, as Section 8C of the Singapore Armed Forces Act provides that no statements made to the COI shall be admissible as evidence in the court martial or for disciplinary proceedings.

As stated previously, police investigations are ongoing and the coroner may hold a public inquiry.

Following investigations, the Attorney-General will decide on prosecution if there is criminal culpability.

Lim Chuen Ni (Ms)

Director, Public Communications

Ministry of Defence

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