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No downside to starting school late

My school has implemented the system of starting school late to allow students to get more sleep.

After about six months of this late start, I must say that I see no cons to this system, and am surprised that other schools are not keen to try it.

Having extra sleep is crucial to enable students to perform better during the day.

I am more awake in class and able to concentrate better. I can last longer before feeling tired.

Sometimes, I do find myself using the late start as an excuse to go to bed late or watch an extra hour of TV.

It is up to students to go to bed at their usual time and take advantage of the scheme to get an extra hour of sleep.

The idea of starting school late should not be brushed aside just because a group of students misuse it.

Kaitlyn Hong Hee Ying, 16, Secondary 4 student

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