No-camera rule: Snow City replies

We thank Mr Ong Tok Lwee for his feedback ("No-camera rule puts damper on Snow City visit"; Monday).

Our camera restriction policy has been in place since 2006, with the aim of reducing the possibility of visitors injuring themselves inside the snow chamber while taking photos and preventing potential damage to their cameras due to huge temperature differences.

Advisory notices on this policy are found in the lobby area and inside the snow chamber. Regular announcements are also made via our public announcement system to remind our visitors.

Our photography vendor is responsible for providing quality photography services to our visitors in the ice gallery and snow chamber.

While this service seeks to enhance visitors' experience, we also advise the photographers to take posed shots, especially during crowded periods. This is to prevent falls and ensure visitor safety.

The photo packages range from $11 to $25. It costs $20 per 6R photo, but $11 per piece for a purchase of more than five photos, including a free digital soft copy that can be downloaded from our vendor's website.

Visitors are not obliged to buy their photos, but if they do so, our vendor offers free reprints.

We thank Mr Ong for his suggestion on the free use of personal cameras and we will review the policy as we look to enhance visitors' experience.

Norazani Shaiddin
General Manager, Snow Venture

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