NMPs add wider perspective to Parliament debates

I believe that the views of Nominated Members of Parliament (NMPs) can add a wider perspective to the debates in Parliament (NMPs have contributed to healthy debates: Grace Fu; Sept 11).

Coming from all walks of life, NMPs have distinguished themselves in their respective fields, such as the arts, the sciences, business and social service.

They take along their wealth of experience and expertise to the House, where they provide new insights into the concerns of the sectors which they represent.

Without any party affiliation, these NMPs are able to contribute independent and non-partisan views and suggestions.

It is wrong to assume that NMPs are less effective in serving the community.

Many of them have contributed to the development of our country although they do not represent any constituency and have limited voting rights.

Their ability to add value to parliamentary debates also, in a way, puts pressure on elected MPs to be more competent and proactive in articulating sentiments on the ground and conveying them effectively in Parliament.

I am sure that the next batch of NMPs will also perform up to expectations and bring dignity and respect to the House.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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