New PSLE grading system may backfire

I am sceptical of the move towards more ambiguous grade boundaries in the PSLE.

We can all agree that the T-score system is more precise than merely using As or Bs.

If there is an overwhelming number of school applicants with the same score - 4 As, for example - it might be difficult to distinguish between them.

This may lead to parents trying to craft a perfect resume of co-curricular activities and activities outside school, which would have the opposite effect of what the Ministry of Education is trying to create.

Some secondary schools may also implement further testing to identify those who do not hit the mark.

The most effective way to reduce stress and improve the education system is for parents and children to accept that failure in exams is not failure in life, and that this should instead be viewed as a milestone on their career paths.

Teo Chen Wei, 17

Junior College Year 1 student

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