Never forget how devastating drug addiction can be

When some drugs that would result in the ultimate sentence in Singapore are now legally available in many jurisdictions around the world, one can easily forget how devastating a drug addiction is.

We should not forget that it affects not only the addicted, but also their family, friends and society in general.

Many addicts never expected to become addicts.

In the case of opioids, some people inadvertently develop an addiction following medical care and turn to illegally obtained drugs to feed their habit.

This can even result in addicts progressing from prescribed opioids to street-purchased opioids like heroin.

The recent New York Times report How Do You Recover After Millions Have Watched You Overdose exposes the horror of drug addiction in a way that many people may not have seen with their own eyes.

Its no-holds-barred view of people who have overdosed is a reminder of why Singapore and all societies should strive to be drug-free.

James Simon

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