Negative effects of smartphones

In Singapore, many young children own smartphones.

Although these devices can serve as a source of entertainment and education, we should not overlook the negative effects of having them.

I realise that excessive usage of mobile devices can lead to one missing out on the enjoyment of the simple things in life.

For example, our first instinct now, if we were at the beach, would be to whip out our phones to take photos of the beautiful scenery. How many of us would actually put away our phones, and listen closely to the sound of the wind and feel the soft sand on the beach?

Ironically, smartphones have also had a negative effect on communication.

Most of us now hide behind our screens to avoid communicating even with our loved ones.

I sometimes wonder: Is owning a smartphone at a young age really ideal?

Austin Sim Kairen, 14

Secondary 2 student

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