Necessary to safeguard ourselves against terrorism

It seems rather imprudent to worry about the loss of personal freedom and privacy due to surveillance cameras (Concern over personal freedom, privacy with smart lamp posts, by Mr Raphael Teo Zhi Ren; April 12).

In this high-tech world, there are many other ways to track a person's whereabouts if someone is intent on doing so.

It would be more pertinent to find ways to limit data breaches when it comes to privacy concerns, rather than try to stop the setting up of surveillance cameras.

Ms Florence Veronica Minjoot's concerns about terrorism are valid (Surveillance cameras are good; April 13).

An attack could take place at any time and we cannot underestimate the severity of it.

Hence, infrastructure must be in place to defend and guard ourselves. We cannot start arming ourselves only when war is imminent or has already broken out.

When faced with such a situation, the reduction of one's privacy is the lesser of two evils.

As long as we are not doing anything illegal, there is no need to fear surveillance cameras.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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