NDP a fitting display of S'pore's achievements

Watching the National Day Parade on television, I was overwhelmed by what we have achieved in 52 years.

I watched with pride the way our military, navy , airmen, participants and spectators conducted themselves. I felt proud to be a Singaporean.

Praise must also be given to those who worked behind the scenes too.

This was the best parade I had seen over the years. I was glued to the screen, not wanting to miss anything. The young performers were very good - so full of enthusiasm.

No country is without fault, but we have done well and risen to the occasion.

It is my hope that Singaporeans from all walks of life, of all races, religion and social statuses, and from whichever political party will try to make our country a peaceful and happy place.

We will aim to get rid of snobbishness and kiasu-ness, and try to be better people.

There will always be those who try to belittle every effort we make, but with decent folk hoping for the good of the country for the future and for their children and children's children, I am sure we will survive and get better.

Joyce Ong Swee Neo (Ms)

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