My Point

Basement reservoirs also a possibility

THE proposal by the PUB to build underground reservoirs to increase the nation's water supply involves intensive geological studies to identify suitable sites and to work out the cost involved ("PUB could unearth S'pore's water solutions"; yesterday).

The PUB could also study the feasibility of building "reservoirs" under HDB blocks. The rooftops of the blocks would then be natural rainwater-collecting areas that can channel water into such basement reservoirs.

I believe this suggestion is feasible, given the latest construction technology. It may also be feasible to use such HDB basement reservoirs to form a network to channel water into PUB's proposed underground reservoirs.

Lim Chong Leong

SG50 gift for migrant workers

IT IS heartening to read of benefits for Singaporeans, in view of our SG50 year, such as giving the elderly a $50 transport card top-up ("No need to rush, but seniors hurry to claim free travel card top-ups"; last Saturday).

However, in the true spirit of celebrating our golden jubilee, we should extend such small but encouraging bonuses to the migrant worker population in Singapore.

To them, the fare of a single public transport journey is equivalent to a larger proportion of their monthly income than for many of us.

A top-up bonus would be greatly welcomed by them.

After all, the spirit of celebrating SG50 should include making our non-Singaporean - in particular, transient worker - population feel as much a part of this happy event as we are.

Lim Su Lyn (Ms)

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