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Ban affects only a few tobacco products

THE Ministry of Health's recently announced ban on new forms of cigarettes and other emerging products containing tobacco is another step in the right direction ("Alternative tobacco products to be banned"; yesterday).

It rightfully acknowledges that nicotine and tobacco have detrimental effects on users and those in their vicinity.

However, these measures are scant relief to those who do not smoke, because the prevalence of cigarettes and other tobacco products still means that non-smokers are subjected to second-hand smoke in many places. This is in spite of the designation of smoking areas, as smoke still wafts outside these areas.

The ban affects only lesser-known and lesser-used products.

If the authorities are serious about removing the vice and related harmful effects of cigarettes and smoking, then only a complete and outright ban will work.

Adam Tan

Foreign home-care nurses not registered

WE RECOGNISE the work done by foreign nurses in caring for patients in their own homes, and to support ageing in place ("More foreign nurses hired to provide home care"; last Thursday).

The report may have given the impression that the foreign nurses referred to are registered with the Singapore Nursing Board.

They are not on our register of qualified nurses in Singapore.

Tan Soh Chin (Ms)


Singapore Nursing Board

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