Multi-storey carparks could be better designed

There are some improvements that could be made to multi-storey carparks to make them more efficient.

There should be a standard width and length for parking spaces in multi-storey carparks. Some have parking spaces that are so small that drivers are forced to squeeze in and out of their vehicles.

It is easy to tell whether a multi-storey carpark is well designed - one just has to look at the number of scratches on the walls as vehicles turn the corners to move up and down. One example of this is Tan Tock Seng Hospital's carpark.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have wider room for turning so that drivers are able to increase the speed of their vehicle moving up and down the carpark safely without causing any traffic jams?

Another good feature in carpark design is to inform drivers about the available parking spaces on the different levels and sections. A good example of this is the IMM building carpark.

Currently, most big multi-storey carparks label their pillars to aid drivers in identifying where they parked their vehicles. In addition, some carparks use colours, animals, flowers and other icons to help drivers remember locations.

However, one important feature that is missing is to have a key next to signs at each level displaying these identifiers in the building.

I have seen drivers going floor by floor to look for their vehicles.

Lastly, red parking spaces in HDB carparks should be kept to a minimum or abolished totally.

We should not allow precious plots to be left vacant at all times on the lower levels of multi-storey carparks, where non-residents cannot park.

A better idea would be to have red and white lined parking spaces to ensure that residents have spaces from 7pm to 7am while everyone else has access from 7am to 7pm.

If there really is a need to have solely red parking spaces, then these should be on the higher levels of the carpark rather than the lower levels.

Lim Poh Seng

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