Much potential with Southern Gateway plans

The report about the proposed Southern Gateway development and reshaping of Sentosa and Pulau Brani is, of course, of great interest to current residents in Sentosa Cove (Plans under way to reshape Sentosa, Brani; Oct 18).

Although the report said there would be more details in six to nine months' time, it seems logical that one of the early steps must be to join Pulau Brani with Sentosa Island by filling in the current waterway in Keppel Harbour between the two islands.

The Pulau Brani name can be consigned to history and the new development area be rebranded as Sentosa North.

The report also mentioned the reshaping of Sentosa Island and planning to allow better accessibility.

Key to this is an MRT line extension and the real need to build an underground MRT station on the new and larger Sentosa Island.

This should be built within the southern area of the new Sentosa North precinct, close to the current Sentosa Island, to ensure that only short shuttle bus or road journeys are needed into the current residential and leisure areas.

I hope the government agency planners are considering this as without an MRT link, it will be difficult to "encourage more activities at night", as mentioned. Most current shuttle buses are stopped by 10pm.

An MRT station will also reduce traffic on the current Sentosa Gateway and is the only viable long-term answer.

I am not hopeful that this can be done very quickly though, as there was a long delay in building the one-way outbound traffic tunnel from Sentosa to the mainland.

I am looking forward with great interest to more news on this exciting new development.

Andrew Wetton

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