Much creativity, artistry in Singapore

I have always been proud of Singapore's arts scene.

Two years ago, I watched the documentary The Songs We Sang, which told the story of xinyao, a genre of Mandarin music born in Singapore.

I was, and continue to be, amazed by how students across the island rose up to make music in a way that can be described as nothing less than an artistic movement.

Singaporeans do not lack creativity, nor are we artistically disinclined.

Therefore, I am glad of the new Hear65 initiative (Let's hear it for push to get Singaporeans in tune with local music; April 25).

It will help not only to improve the international community's impression of Singapore, but also to reassure young artists that our country is one in which they can thrive.

Promoting the appreciation of local music not only gives local musicians the recognition they deserve, but also helps to correct the perception that Singapore is a country lacking in creativity and artistry.

Lee Xuan, 17

Junior College Year 1 Student

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