Move race into higher gear

The dramatic crash at the start of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday might not have been good for Ferrari, which lost both its cars, but it certainly was a boost for the race here (Dramatic turn on F1 racetrack; Sept 18).

It served as a sign that this Singapore leg of the race has more surprises in store for fans.

What was worrying, though, was how so many of the cars failed to finish.

This is something that the teams will have to look into.

They need to not only improve the quality of the cars but also ensure that those lagging behind can close the gap with the front runners, or the race would become too predictable.

The organisers should also look into making some adjustments to the present circuit, widening it where possible to improve overtaking opportunities. Then, Singapore would be able to give Monte Carlo a run for its money.

It would also reduce the criticism that has often been levelled at the Singapore race - that it is merely a procession of cars, rather than a race.

For Singapore, there are local requirements to be met, from raising the opportunities for businesses so they benefit more, to ensuring that Singaporeans from all walks of life get to enjoy this spectacle.

Everything possible must be done to promote our distinct city-state, and to tempt the millions watching to come and join us.

Manoraj Rajathurai

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on September 19, 2017, with the headline 'Move race into higher gear'. Subscribe