More thorough checks needed on foreign jobseekers

Have we lowered our high standards when it comes to foreigners who come here to contribute their talents?

American Mikhy K. Farrera-Brochez, who worked here as a polytechnic lecturer, was found to have faked a blood test to get an Employment Pass (Bogus don faked HIV test to get work pass; March 2).

He also had, over eight years, committed multiple offences, including cheating, lying to a public servant, possessing drugs and using forged educational certificates.

Why was a private clinic blood test report allowed, especially when Farrera-Brochez wanted to apply for a job at an educational institution?

Shouldn't such applicants be required to undergo a health screening at a government hospital?

This is also a health risk, as it takes only one carrier to start an epidemic here.

What measures does the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority have to ensure that those who come here also possess basic fundamental moral values?

How does the Ministry of Manpower screen professionals who come to Singapore to teach - a job which will have an impact on the lives of our future generation?

We used to pride ourselves on being a nation with excellent human resources.

We need to make an effort to do more thorough checks on candidates seeking jobs on our shores.

Shirley Woon (Madam)

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