More seamless park connectors will help PMD users

The recent reports of personal mobility device (PMD) users riding on the roads and endangering their lives as well as those of other road users have shown merely one side of the story (PMD users openly flout law in Geylang; Jan 4).

As many PMD users would attest, the sections of the Park Connector Network (PCN) are not well connected or even linked to each other seamlessly. Despite plans to expand the network, there are still missing links at crucial points in some routes.

In certain stretches, the paths lead to an overhead bridge, and the PMD user has to lug his device up the stairs if there are no ramps.

At many locations, PMD users have to use narrow, uneven and slippery pavements that pose a riding hazard, especially to unicycle and e-scooter riders.

This results in the PMD user having to encroach onto main roads to connect to another section of the PCN and continue his journey.

While widening certain stretches of the PCNs may be good, providing a more seamless connection islandwide may be more important to many users, especially those who use their devices as a sole means of transport.

We must look at total connectivity if we are to truly aim for a car-lite society.

Andrew Yap Jong Teng

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on January 08, 2018, with the headline 'More seamless park connectors will help PMD users'. Print Edition | Subscribe