More room at the top for women

I CONGRATULATE and salute all women personnel in the Singapore Armed Forces for their contributions ("SAF poster girl first woman to be promoted brigadier-general", and "Women in SAF have come a long way" by Mrs Laura Hwang; both published last Saturday).

I am also glad that recognising the achievements of women in all areas of life here will be part of our celebration of our 50th year of independence.

After reading about the achievements of Colonel Gan Siow Huang - who has been promoted to brigadier-general - Major Lee Mei Yi - who will be the first woman fighter pilot to take part in the aerial display at the SG50 National Day Parade in August ("Woman fighter pilot to make history"; June 19) - and Third Warrant Officer Shirley Ng - who was the first female Red Lion to skydive at the National Day Parade last year ("Red Lioness' dive is one for the books"; Aug 10, 2014) - I am looking forward to reading about the first woman to be part of the commandos battalion.

Besides the military, I am also looking forward to the day when we have more women in politics, perhaps even a woman prime minister or president.

Ace Kindredzen Cheong

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