Forum: More energy efficient to use spot-cooling units in hospitals?

A ward of a hospital in Singapore.
A ward of a hospital in Singapore.PHOTO: ST FILE

I refer to the Health Ministry's reply (Subsidised wards in newer hospitals better now, Oct 9).

The ministry stated that hospitals have implemented measures including "spot-cooling to bring down the ambient temperature in specific locations".

I saw this being done at two hospitals in the past year.

Spot-cooling in this case refers to several portable air-conditioning units being deployed at every B2/C ward.

Is this more energy efficient than having central air-conditioning?

In the light of recent discussions on doing more for the environment, should we not take a holistic view of this simple issue and resolve it pragmatically?

After all, the wards are already differentiated by the number of patients residing there, air-conditioned or not.

Steve Tan Peng Hoe

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