Voices Of Youth

More awareness on suicide here

A busy city like Singapore that thrives and offers impeccable living standards for its people also results in a busy life for all.

And although many people lead a comfortable life, it is no secret that many are not entirely happy because of the pace of life and the stress that comes along with it.

Surveys show that while Singapore's population is the happiest in South-east Asia, the suicide rate here has risen over the years.

This is largely because of societal pressure, excelling in school for teens, overworking for adults and many other factors and the stigma associated with depression.

As a society, we should encourage Singaporeans to always speak up if they feel suicidal or need mental support. Singaporeans should also be educated on the number of suicide cases so that they can be sensitive to people who need help.

Teo Yin Yan, 15

Secondary 4 student