More awareness on saving water needed

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has announced a plan to decrease the water consumption target from 140 litres to 130 litres for each person daily by 2030.

Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that continual price rises for water are undesirable and will always be met with a noticeable level of backlash. Thus, achieving the 2030 target is highly dependent on public awareness of water conservation.

To meet the numbers, national water agency PUB has been installing smart water meters to allow households to track real-time water consumption.

This effort is commendable. A 2015 trial by the agency showed that households can save about five litres of water per person per day while taking their showers when provided with real-time information on consumption coupled with optimal goal setting.

Communicating the importance of conservation to young people is important as they are key to Singapore's future.

This can be done through partnerships with higher institutes, through symposiums, roadshows and the installation of smart shower meters in campus accommodations. Students who reduce their daily water usage can also be rewarded.

While we have to rely on the Government to execute such large-scale projects, it is also important to keep in mind that we ourselves play an important role in reducing Singapore's water usage.

Narda Aldora, 19

Undergraduate student

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