MOE-endorsed textbooks not enough for exams

One reason students need tuition is the inadequate teaching material provided by the Ministry of Education (Better teaching in schools will curb need for private tuition, by Mr Ler Boon Kwang; May 12).

The textbooks recommended by the ministry and used in schools offer basic information. Yet, when it comes to examinations, the questions asked are often way above the level of the information in the textbooks. This is the main reason students seek tuition - to close the gap between what is taught in school and what is expected in their exams.

When my son was in primary school, he did not use the science textbooks that MOE recommended. It was not possible for him to study solely based on these textbooks as the questions in the PSLE were more complex than the information provided in the textbooks.

MOE should review the teaching materials to ensure that the content in textbooks is sufficient for what is expected in exams.

Irene Lee (Ms)

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