False death cert case

Misdeeds not committed while doctor was with Ren Ci

Last Saturday's report ("Suspended doc in false death cert case guilty of 3 charges") referred to Kwan Kah Yee as a former medical director of Ren Ci Hospital.

While Kwan was indeed a medical director at our hospital from July 1994 to June 1997, he has since held other appointments.

More importantly, his misdeeds were not committed when he was with Ren Ci Hospital.

The reference to Kwan's appointment at Ren Ci Hospital has led many readers to erroneously conclude that Kwan committed his offences while he was a medical director with Ren Ci Hospital.

Many of our colleagues received concerned queries from friends and relatives, as well as volunteers and donors, inquiring about Kwan's relationship with Ren Ci Hospital.

The care staff at Ren Ci Hospital take pride in delivering professional care to our patients and nursing home residents on a daily basis.

Together, it has taken us many months and years of hard work to build up public trust and recognition. For this, we thank friends and supporters of Ren Ci Hospital.

Chong Pei Lan (Ms)


Community Engagement

Ren Ci Hospital

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