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Mind the MSG in 'extra tasty' fish soup

Those who are used to eating food with added monosodium glutamate (MSG) will often find naturally prepared food bland (Bland food focus in push to eat healthier hard to stomach, by Ms Chu Pei Ling; Sept 11)

Healthy fish soup gets its milky colour from stock brewed with fish bones, ikan bilis, dried fish and soya beans.

The "extra tasty" version of fish soup has MSG and added milk. This is the reason for the advice not to drink the soup.

Not every new creation in cuisine is healthy. Hawkers should know their ingredients.

Farmed fish that are fed the wrong diet can give rise to problems in the diner.

We have to seriously look at what we eat. We can use methods like those to adjust one's body clock (Adjusting your body clock does wonders; Sept 10) to adapt to changes in our diet.

Nevertheless, good health cannot be achieved just by eating or just by exercising.

Exercise and diet complement each other in the pursuit of the ultimate goal of good health .

Irene Tan Geok Ee (Ms)

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