Mental health stigma worrying

Posed photo of a child reading a book.
Posed photo of a child reading a book.PHOTO: ST FILE

There is still a stigma about mental health issues among students (School stress: More teens seek IMH help, April 12).

Many students disregard the build-up of stress and think that it is not an issue.

On top of that, parents may feel that children who do not always try their best are "lazy". In fact, the students could be suffering from stress or other mental issues.

With that being said, students who do not feel stressed at all are not pushing themselves and are not likely to achieve their maximum potential. We should aim to push students, but at the same time, not overdo it.

Thus, I hope for a nationwide education initiative on mental health that will educate not only students but also parents.

Hai Oufan, 18,

Junior College Year 2 student

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