Measuring real value of SkillsFuture

I agree with Mr Tan Kar Quan that we need to ensure effective returns on the funds put into the schemes under the SkillsFuture framework (Review if SkillsFuture funds are really well spent; March 20).

However, measuring the results is another proposition altogether for a simple reason - not everyone who signs up for a programme will later put the knowledge to productive use. That is the beauty of offering learning opportunities to the entire adult population.

For instance, I offer phonetics training to adults through an approved SkillsFuture Credit workshop. About 50 per cent in my class last year were retirees who wanted to learn phonetics for the sheer pleasure of it.

They benefited from learning to speak better, but they will probably not be using the knowledge for economic gain.

How do we measure the "effectiveness" of such classes then?

Joseph Wong Yong Lye

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