Measures needed to reduce noise from planes in north-east

For many years, people living, studying and working in the north-east region of Singapore have had to endure the unbearable sounds from airplanes every day, from morning to night.

The sounds from military jet planes taking off are especially deafening.

These sounds are a disturbance and cause stress and irritation to people in the area.

Schools in the area must also be affected, with lessons being disrupted and the concentration of students interrupted, especially during tests and examinations.

The opening of Seletar Airport's new passenger terminal will mean heavier air traffic, creating even more noise in the north-east region (Seletar Airport's new terminal takes shape; April 11).

With the new Sengkang Community Hospital opening soon, it is important that patients are given a conducive and reasonably quiet environment to rest and rehabilitate.

Changi Airport Group, the Ministry of Defence and all the relevant authorities must set measures in place and enforce them effectively to resolve the problem that the constant loud plane noises cause to the people living, studying and working in the area.

Theresa Wee (Mrs)

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