Measures in place to manage errant drones in Singapore

We thank Dr Yik Keng Yeong and Mr Colin Ong Tau Shien for their letters (Can drones force closure of Changi Airport?; and Set up inter-ministry committee to study drone use, both Dec 27, 2018).

While we encourage the development of beneficial uses of drones, we also recognise the need to address the aviation safety, public safety and security concerns arising from their unauthorised or errant use.

Various government agencies have collaborated to develop security systems and implement enforcement measures against unauthorised or errant use of drones.

We will continue to monitor developments globally and collaborate with foreign counterparts and industry partners to study and implement additional measures when required.

These efforts are coordinated by the inter-agency Unmanned Aircraft Systems Committee, which includes members from the ministries of Transport, Defence and Home Affairs.

Sidney Koh

Director (Air Navigation Services Policy)

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

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