Measures in place to ensure wildlife connectivity, safety in Mandai

We refer to the letter by Mr Edwin Pang (Build fences in Mandai area to save wildlife; June 20).

Protecting biodiversity is a matter of priority for us. This is why we continually review the effectiveness of our wildlife protection measures, to mitigate the impact of the Mandai development on wildlife.

This is done in consultation with the nature community and our Environmental Advisory Panel.

We would like to thank Mr Pang and members of the public for their suggestions on reducing road-related wildlife incidents.

The suggestion of putting up fences along Mandai Road and the Bukit Timah Expressway is one of the possible mitigating measures that has been raised.

We would need to consider how animals would react and adapt to any mitigating measure that restricts their movement between the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and the surrounding nature areas.

This is an iterative process and a complex issue which involves multiple stakeholders, and we are in discussions with the relevant government agencies and the nature community on its feasibility.

We are taking special measures into consideration for the flora and fauna in this area.

Since 2016, prior to the commencement of development work, we have put in place a series of measures to prevent wildlife road incidents within the project boundary around Mandai Lake Road.

These include reducing the speed limit along Mandai Lake Road to between 20kmh and 40kmh, and installing multiple speed humps, regulating strips, speed radar panels and signs to remind drivers to slow down.

This year, we added more speed humps, road signs and road markings, as well as engaged with taxi and bus drivers that frequent Mandai Lake Road to look out for potential wildlife crossings.

To provide a safe passage for wildlife in our precinct, we have prioritised the construction of an eco-link bridge to be completed by next year.

There will be fencing and planting strategies in place to encourage and guide wildlife towards the eco-link.

In the interim, a rope bridge across Mandai Lake Road has been installed to facilitate safe crossings for animals like squirrels and macaques.

Philip Yim

Senior vice-president

Mandai Park Development

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