Measures in place for hassle-free financial assistance application

We thank Mr Robinson Fernandez for his letter (Reduce hassle of applying for social assistance; Sept 18).

Applicants for financial assistance are required to provide information on their financial situation to Social Service Offices to allow us to better understand their needs and assess their eligibility.

Over the years, we have reduced the need for clients to submit hard copies of some of the required documents through system links between Ministry of Social and Family Development and other agencies.

We are working with other agencies to develop more such links so that the need for hard copies will continue to decrease.

Mr Fernandez suggested giving vouchers, ez-link cards and cash as a standard package each time a person applies for financial assistance, but we have found that applicants have different needs, depending on their circumstances.

Our social assistance officers consider each case individually and calibrate the form and quantum of assistance according to each applicant's needs.

Denise Low (Ms)


Service Delivery and Coordination Division

Ministry of Social and Family Development

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