Forum: Material pursuit is why some Singaporeans are rude

Office workers in Singapore's financial district on Feb 14, 2018.
Office workers in Singapore's financial district on Feb 14, 2018.PHOTO: ST FILE

I beg to differ that Singaporeans' uncouth behaviour stems from living in a pressure cooker environment (Pressure cooker society results in bad behaviour, Oct 15).

Maybe this was true in the 1980s, when our country was hardly developed. Today, our Government has developed infrastructure so well that we are in fact living too comfortable a life. Compared with many countries in the world, ours is to be envied. Few countries come close to our standard of public transport.

Furthermore, there has been a discernible improvement in work-life balance today. Life in many other countries is much harder, examples include people having to queue for water from public taps in certain parts of India and Africa. Singaporeans are spoilt for choice and comfort.

There is nothing the authorities can do if people prefer to work their heart out to earn more money. It is the materialism of some that makes these people selfish and rude. Material pursuit make some not just rude but even ruthless. There are probably many more who are patient and kind for each rude Singaporean that is out there.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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