Match kids with schools suited to their abilities

I was glad to hear that the Ministry of Education is now allowing secondary school students to transfer only if the student meets the school's cut-off point ("Sec 1 postings: Harder to switch schools"; Dec 29, 2015).

Very often, we hear of students with a lower score being accepted into schools, due to affiliation.

The new directive levels the playing field for every student.

However, this means that the Direct School Admission scheme and Primary School Leaving Examination now carry heavier weighting.

I hope parents will not put extra pressure on their children, hothousing them to excel in a particular sport or performing art, to gain admission into a desired school.

Parents should allow their children to excel in their interests at their own pace.

They have to accept the fact that every child has a different degree of academic ability.

It is better for the child to go to a school of his level.

Every school has its strengths and weaknesses, and the popular schools may not necessarily be the best for the child.

Ng Sout San (Ms)

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