Many questions on NSF's death

The Committee of Inquiry report on Corporal First Class (CFC) Dave Lee Han Xuan's death raises some disturbing questions regarding the safety procedures and treatment of heatstroke in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF tightens measures to prevent heat injuries; Aug 7).

First, why was full-time national serviceman (NSF) Lee treated for physical exhaustion instead of heatstroke after his fast march? Surely it would have been easier to treat it as the latter first and downgrade it otherwise.

Next, why was his platoon subjected to physical punishment the same night after a run?

In Singapore's hot weather, CFC Lee and his fellow soldiers had to undergo three physiologically demanding activities in less than 24 hours.

Finally, mistake upon error ultimately led to the death of CFC Lee. Where were the unit's senior commanders and why didn't anyone intervene on the troops' behalf to stop this or at least ensure there were sufficient safety measures in place?

Hong Chou Hui

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