Many negatives to cameras in cabs

I do not agree with the setting up of inward-facing cameras in taxis, not just because this is a violation of privacy, but also because it will present a lot more problems in the near future, be it in the challenges of implementing such a system, the unpredictable public response to it and the possible abuses and loopholes present in such a system.

The editorial on April 23 (Regulate use of ever-seeing cameras) suggested that data collected be sent to a central server, and for drivers to have no access to it.

I do not think this is a feasible solution.

First, this is a highly complicated system involving many parties and the transferring of sensitive information.

Second, drivers may still be able to get around the safeguards. After all, they spend almost 12 hours a day in the vehicle.

Third, will the authorities be able to bear the cost and responsibility of keeping the footage private?

Expecting passengers and drivers to agree to such an arrangement simply because it has been approved by the Land Transport Authority is a logical fallacy.

Undeniably, the intentions of such a system are good, but in this case, more negative side effects are brought about, compared to benefits.

Leroy Cheong Kai Thong, 15

Secondary 3 Student

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