Man lied to book CC hall for Myanmar event

Pictures of the Singapore event show actors dressed in military uniforms and holding replica firearms on stage.
Pictures of the Singapore event show actors dressed in military uniforms and holding replica firearms on stage.PHOTO: TWITTER/@ARAKANBRAND

We refer to the letters from Mr Gabriel Cheng Kian Tiong (Guidelines for foreigners' use of CC halls may be needed, July 16) and Mr Sean Lim Wei Xin (Stringent checks needed on use of CC facilities, July 18).

PA's community facilities are open to members of the public for social and recreational activities. It is clearly stated in our application forms that the facilities should not be used for any religious, political or unlawful purposes. Those booking the facility must truthfully declare the purpose of their booking and we have the right to cancel bookings that violate these terms.

Our investigations showed that the individual who booked for this event was not truthful, stating that it was for his company's health talk.

Members of the public who spot anything unusual in the community club premises can alert our staff on duty.

Event organisers are reminded to apply for the necessary permits and licences required for their event.

Public assemblies in Singapore are regulated under the Public Order Act (POA).

Cause-based events which demonstrate support for, or opposition to views or actions of any person, group of persons, or any government, or which publicise a cause or campaign, or which marks any event, will require a Police permit under the POA, unless they meet exemption conditions.

The Police will, however, not grant any permit for assemblies organised by or involving non-Singaporeans that are directed towards a political end, including advocating for or against the political causes of other countries.

Nazeera Begam

Assistant Director

(Corporate Communications)

People's Association

Simon Ng

(Deputy Assistant Commissioner)

Assistant Director (Public Communications Division)

Public Affairs Department

Singapore Police Force

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