Making data more meaningful for private-school students

We agree with senior education correspondent Sandra Davie that it is useful to have detailed data to help students make more informed decisions before enrolling in private schools ("Private schools' job-lag: Sort wheat from chaff"; Thursday).

The release of the aggregated results from the pilot graduate employment survey is just a start.

Moving forward, the Council for Private Education (CPE) intends to extend the survey to all private education institutions offering external degree programmes, and also publish the survey results by institution annually.

CPE and the Ministry of Education are also studying further measures to help improve the quality of education and employment outcomes of the sector.

CPE has shared the individual results with the participating private education institutions in order to discuss with them how future surveys can be refined, to ensure that data at the institution level is more meaningful.

The private education institutions can release their individual results if they wish to do so, but with the necessary caveats, as not all private education institutions had sufficient responses for a representative analysis at the institution level.

Brandon Lee

Chief Executive

Council for Private Education

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